Wednesday, November 23, 2011

8 Days of Julep: Julep Selena

Day 4! And there's still some more! Bahaha <3

Ok, I'll admit it. When I first saw the Boho Glam Maven box for November, I wasn't too sure about Julep Selena. The color was.... interesting. I was going to stick with it, but then of course, the Polish Lovers option was given, and I just had to! So, I decided I'd just order Selena with a referral credit! Boy, am I glad I did! I absolutely love this shade! You might think I'm crazy, but I love the way it looks on my nails!

Selena is a pretty-ugly-pretty yellow-y moss green creme. It's so ugly that it's pretty, ya know what I mean? No really, I love this color! It's so unique! 2 coats.

Haven't become a Maven yet? What are you waiting for? Get started!


  1. Hey... This might be a dupe of H&M's Wanna Pepperoni!

    What do you think:


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