Sunday, November 13, 2011

China Glaze Eye Candy Collection Swatches

I was lucky enough to get my hands on 4 of the 6 China Glaze Eye Candy polishes... These are the 4 are at Sally's. The only ones I didn't get are Material Girl (Pink) and Marry A Millionaire (purple bar glitter). Anyone know where to get them? I'm keeping an eye on CosmoProf! If you have em for swap, please email me!

L to R: Love Marilyn, Lorelei's Tiara, Blonde Bombshell, and Some Like It Haute

Love Marilyn: "Vivacious red with shimmering silver particles." Love Marilyn has red microglitter and small round silver glitter in a clear base. Almost like the red glitter from the OPI Muppets collection, but they are very different. This is 2 coats layered over China Glaze Red Pearl.

Lorelei's Tiara: "Sterling silver infused with blue sprinkles." The silver glitter in this is SUPER tiny and dense (much smaller than the red in Love Marilyn), but the blue is the same size as the silver in LM. This is  one of my favorites from the collection! 2 coats, layered over China Glaze Devotion.

Blonde Bombshell: "Glistening multi-dimensional gold flecks." This polish has 3 different glitters going on. First, the super-fine gold glitters, like in Lorelei's Tiara. Then, the small round gold glitters. But Blonde Bombshell has a little something extra.... Holographic bar-glitter-ish fibers. They are so super tiny that they're almost hard to see, but it's a nice execution of it... Not "hairy" like many bar glitters tend to be. This is 2 coats, layered over China Glaze Passion.

Some Like It Haute: "Graphite gray with holographic glitter." This is my absolute favorite! In these pictures, you see the minuscule glitter that was in LT and BB, but with the way it's layered, you can see more detail on just how tiny it is. The larger glitters in this one are holographic... it gives a gorgeous effect! It's like Orly Androgynie's hot younger sister! This is 2 coats, layered over Zoya Raven.

Over all, this collection is gorgeous! These glitters have great coverage and are super easy to work with. All but Love Marilyn could have done without layering, but I thought layering would give them more depth... And by themselves I probably would have used 3-4 coats. I can't wait to see the other two in the collection... I hope I can get them soon!

What do you think about this collection? Which ones are you going to get for yourself? What do you think about ALL OF THIS GLITTER in these holiday collections?!!


  1. Victoria Nail Supply has the collection in stock. You can pick up the other two there. Love the swatches! Can't wait to get mine.

  2. has them as well, $4.25 each.

  3. I loved that you layered these! It makes me like Love Marilyn even more & I really like Lorelei's Tiara & Some Like It Haute! Great swatches, such a sparkly collection =)

  4. I found Marry a Millionaire and the Pink one at Ulta..$8 each.

  5. Oooh thanks Krissy! I'll have to check it out!

  6. I got mine from my nail guy last Tuesday. I got 3 sets because I'm giving 2 away for a secret santa-esque kind of exchange.

    I don't see the 3d-ness of the colors, to be honest. :( I was a tiny bit underwhelmed by the collection.

  7. Thanks for posting these. Nice that CG got their glitters right for holiday. I think many have been really surprised at all the bald spots with the glitter part of the Muppets collection. I was in Sally's on the 9th - surgery on the 10th. They did say they had the glitters in the back. I am about ready to try a test drive and now that I am out and into the Residence Inn (out of town surgery/cannot leave area for 4 weeks), I will see if this Sally's got all 6 shades. Have you looked on the Ulta web site or in their store. I did see they had this collection on line but did not stop to look as I thought I would get any I wanted cheaper at Sally's with my card and a $1 discount coupon they have on 2 (but that might be only for the classic collection).


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