Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Girly Bits: Sailor's Delight & Street Magic

Super fun post today, with TONS of pictures! Last month, a Facebook group that I'm in did a Secret Pumpkin exchange! I was very lucky to get a package from Pam Heil, who lives in Canada and happens to make her own nail polish! Her nail polish line is called Girly Bits. Her polishes are so gorgeous and unique! Her first collection is called Sea's The Day. I have 2 gorgeous shades that were sent to me in my Secret Pumpkin package, but I have a few more on the way to me! I will show you those as soon as I get my hands on them! But for now, here are 2 pretties from Pam's first collection... Sailor's Delight and Street Magic.

First, Sailor's Delight. Pam says, "Sailor's Delight is a gorgeous deep red-orange jelly with incredible gold micro-glitter that sparkles like mad!! Red sky at night; sailor's delight. Red sky at morning; sailors take warning. This polish is a delight for sure! Sailor's Delight was actually a custom creation for another blogger-  Shannon over at The Kracked Kat. It turned out so beautifully that I just had to add it to this collection."

Next up is Street Magic. Get ready... if I could have given this a million more pictures, I would have!

Pam says, "Street Magic is a wildly duo-chrome color-shifting polish that will transform from a deep bronze to a brilliant green right before your eyes. No slight of hand here, this is the real deal.
Street Magic shows her most beautiful side when layered over the traditional magicians attire of black."

My opinions: The formula on these is great!! Sailor's Delight took 3 coats.... to save on polish, next time I will layer it over an orange. It's too pretty to waste! Street Magic.... What can I say that the pictures didn't? I need a gallon of this to layer over everything I own... I've already ordered a back-up bottle! It's so stunning!  Pam did such a great job with this whole collection.... All of the colors are so unique and unlike anything else I have! I can't wait to show you the others!

If you'd like some Girly Bits of your own, here's the ordering info!

Girly Bits are being sold for $6 USD each for a 5ml bottle.

*I am shipping from Canada*

Shipping to the United States is as follows- 

For orders of 1-3 bottles, shipping ranges between $7.00 - $8.00 depending on your location.

For orders of 4-7 bottles, shipping is $3.50-$4.00 depending on your location.

For orders of 8-9 bottles, shipping is FREE.

To order, please email Pam at! She currently accepts payments only through PayPal.

You can also visit Pam's blog HERE!

So, what do you think of Pam's Girly Bits? Isn't Street Magic just gorgeous? I can't wait to see the other ones in person!!



  1. Love your swatches! I just placed an order for some Girly Bits and can't wait to get them!! :)

  2. Thank you Amber. Glad you are enjoying them. I appreciate your thoughts and comments. ♥

  3. What did you layer Street Magic over? I thought I might try it over a dark purple. What do you think?

  4. I layered it over Black.... purple would be cool! Or a dark green!


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