Tuesday, December 27, 2011

OPI My Private Jet, Holographic version!

Many many thanks to my sweet Sally's girl Felicia for letting me borrow this to swatch! I own one of the un-holo versions, and this is MUCH prettier!

Simply beautiful!

I hope you had a very merry Christmas! See you again soon! <3


  1. my friend recently let me borrow hers to wear for a week. It's soooooo much better than the non-holo, which I have. She's not even a polish freak and just walked into this one place and asked if they had it AND THEY DID. I said girl, I have been looking for it for two years. She said haha, I have it, isn't it wonderful. She was great to let me borrow it.

  2. Lucky you! I would love to try on the good holo version and compare it to mine that is the 2nd generation that still did pretty good compared to some of the 2nd runs OPI has done - like this year with Katy Perry - Just Like In the Movies - original run was amazing multichrome gorgeous...2nd run a one color silver...totally different.

  3. Yes, I hate that OPI does this!! I did a comparison of the 2 KP's... My sister found both for me! They are SO unbelievably different, although OPI denied there were intentionally 2 versions.

  4. so so pretty. I am wanting to buy this and have found it on amazon, but how do I know just from pics on amazon if it is the holo one or not? xx

  5. Hey, it's Bassma from Joann. Love your blog. I've been looking for this, where is it sold? Sally's?

  6. Gorgeous!

    I too got one of the non-holo version and haaaaaaaated it. Then I got the idea to just add Spectraflair, now I LOVE it!


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