Saturday, January 28, 2012

ManGlaze Lesbihonest

Hey guys! I'm back! Sorry I was gone for so long... My nails have been in Nail Envy Rehab! Thank goodness they're back to normal now... hopefully they will stay this way! I just couldn't bring myself to show you guys those disgraceful nubs I had going on! I promise you I have a good reason for being gone so much lately... :)

Anyway, onto the nail polish! I treated myself to some pretties last week.... I placed an order for 2 ManGlazes! Here is the first of two... I'll be showing you the other one tomorrow!

Here is the fantastic ManGlaze Lesbihonest!

Lesbihonest is, in typical ManGlaze fashion, a beautiful Matte shimmer... This one, a wonderfully pigmented fuchsia (WHY CAN'T I EVER SPELL THAT RIGHT!). This was almost a one-coater... It looked great until I took my pictures with flash... Then, it looked a bit patchy. ManGlaze seriously has the best formula for Matte polishes that I have ever experienced! Not only do they apply like a dream (unlike some, that tend to be goopy and problematic if you don't have a very quick hand), but they get better wear time than any Matte I've ever tried! I've had the one I'm going to show you tomorrow on for almost 2 days, and NO CHIPS! They also come to life with a topcoat! Totally worth the price. :)

You can buy ManGlaze all for your very own on their Facebook Page store, or on Amazon! (on Amazon, use the code OCCUPYME for 10% off)

See you  tomorrow!

Did you see what I did there?


  1. Ahhhh congrats =D You're so sneaky!

  2. Glad you're back... love these swatches!! :)

  3. I caught it but then thought I was reading too much into it. You know I'm estatic for you!

    This color is gorgeous! I'm adding it to my ever-growing lemming list and possibly even ordering it very soon!

  4. I love this polish! It's next on my shopping list :P

  5. Super Gorgeous on you, I need to have this :)

  6. Thanks for the discount code. This is the 2nd time I have seen swatches for this amazing polish. I have to get it. I have 1 matte fuchsia from OPI and cannot recall the name - but I know it's not as new and sophisticated looking as this is.

  7. This polish is awesome! I do not own any of this brand!

  8. Never seen manglaze before, but it looks like a fun brand!

  9. Never seen manglaze before, but it looks like a fun brand!


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