Wednesday, February 8, 2012

12 weeks pregnant

Hello! I'm posting some more nails tomorrow, promise! Still dealing with lots of breaks... my nails have been CRAP since I got pregnant... What's up with that! Until then, enjoy my 12 week post!

How far along? 12 weeks
Baby is the size of a: Lime!
Total weight gain: 0. I am down 2 lbs since last week.... It really kinda freaks me out that I've been so yo-yo with my weight, but I'm sure I'll start gaining soon.
Maternity clothes? Still my grey slacks (wearing them here!) on the grey-pants day at work, and my trusted belly band that I made with a helpful tutorial on Pinterest!
Stretch marks? Nope!
Sleep: Still mediocre... Headaches have been keeping me up, and still weird dreams. 
Best moment this week? The realization that I only have to work one more day until I'm off for 3 days! (is  it bad that THAT is the best part of this week? lol)
Miss anything? Not having a headache. 
Movement: More guppy fish movements, which are getting a bit stronger. I'm almost positive that's what I'm feeling... It usually happens about 20-30 minutes after I eat. 
Cravings? Enjoying strawberry popsicles this week... Still not really craving anything though.
Anything making you queasy or sick? So much for the "no sickness" remark I made last week.... I was cleaning out the refrigerator a few nights ago and I lost my dinner. The smell of some left overs got to me. :( The nausea has almost completely disappeared though!
Gender: Not sure, but I have a strong BOY feeling!
Labor signs: None
Symptoms: Very bad headaches, that I still haven't found a good cure for. Tylenol has done nothing to take the edge off. 
Belly Button in or out? Innie.
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or moody most of the time? Pretty happy this week, save for when my head feels like it's turning inside out!
Looking forward to: The end of my first trimester!! Only about a week and a half to go! I also can't wait to find out what we're having so I can get started on making all of the crib bedding and curtains... I'm DIYing it all! I already have my fabric picked out for a boy and for a girl... Maybe I'll show you guys soon!

Is it just me, or does it look like that bump is starting to pop a bit? Definitely a bit rounder than last week! Yay!

Thanks for reading! <3


  1. I'm glad it sounds like you're doing okay. I doubt no weight gain at this point is an issue. When my mom had my brother, she gained a total of eleven pounds during the whole nine months and seven of that was him. Morning sickness was to blame.

  2. I'm going to LOVE following along with these posts! So happy your doing well Miss Amber, you're going to be an ADORABLE preggo lady =]!

  3. Thank you guys!!!

    Lindsey, I'm glad you are enjoying them! I was worried that people wouldn't read them, so your comment means a lot! :) <3

  4. Congrats! You look great. I am so happy for you!!!! :)

  5. Awww!! Congratulations! :D I hope that you feel much better and that the headaches go away. This was such a cute post to read! :D

  6. You are too freaking adorable!! I hope your headaches go away. That's no fun! Thanks for keeping us updated! :)

  7. You really look great! I hope the headaches go away soon!

  8. Stuff the nails....this is much more entertaining! I love reading about your progress. How AMAZING is pregnancy?? You must be so excited to think you are growing a gorgeous little baby. I work with pregnant women and breastfeeding mums and I always get so excited for them. I can't wait till your next post :)

  9. Priscilla, it IS amazing! I'm absolutely fascinated with the whole process of a growing baby inside my belly... It's awesome! I feel like super woman! lol

  10. I thought I was the only pregnant lady with crappy nails! :) I've been feeling guppy fish movements too, it's amazing.

  11. I got daily headaches when I was pregnant too...I started drinking a TON of water everyday and that really helped me feel better overall. Congrats again! :)

  12. I had the opposite effect with my nails, they grew a lot and became even stronger, but my hair after giving birth has been a MESS. I can't dye it anymore! only non permanent stuff.

    drink lots of water! it will help with the headaches and with any nausea you may experience.

    also, the first months I had lost like 1 or 2 pounds each time I went to the doctor, but around the 5 month I started gaining weight normally... the last month I gained 5 pounds! they told me that was normal, that the baby was sucking me dry! hahaha but don't worry to much. eat like you normally do. don't over eat.

    hope all that helps! :)

  13. Don't worry about not gaining weight unless your doctor starts worrying about it. When I was pregnant with my son I had really bad morning (more like 24hour) sickness and ended up losing a whole bunch of weight, and I started out a size 5. By the end of my pregnancy I had only managed to gain back the lost weight plus roughly 12 lbs.

    I never had the fingernail breakage issue but my mom told me that for her, finding just the right prenatal vitamin did the trick.

  14. Lindsey was right- you are going to be the cutest pregnant lady ever! The one we all hope we look like when we're pregnant :) Congrats again you guys! Look forward to more pregnancy/baby posts- love them! <3


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