Tuesday, March 20, 2012

18 Weeks Pregnant!

How far along? 18 Weeks
Baby is the size of a: Bell Pepper!
Total weight gain: 0! Officially back at my pre-pregnancy weight, and I've lingered there for about 4 days.
Maternity clothes? Same as always... still need some black slacks!
Stretch marks? None yet!
Sleep: Better.
Best moment this week? Today after I ate lunch, Baby P went WILD! I kept getting little pokes in my side, some of the first legit "kicks" (probably punches), and it tickled like crazy! I kept laughing, and my patient that I was working on asked why I was laughing! hahah
Miss anything? Still wine... although I did sneak a few sips on my birthday! Don't call the Prego Police on me!
Movement: Lots of movement, and Baby P likes to stick SOMETHING out all on my right side, so my belly gets all lopsided for a little while. :D
Cravings? Sushi (which was satisfied today and it was AMAZING!) and Mexican food.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope! Past the nausea! Woot!
Gender: Still no clue. :( 
Labor signs: Nada.
Symptoms: I get really achey if I'm up on my feet for too long... Other than that, I'm feeling pretty good! I did have a scary moment this weekend when I went on a long shopping trip... apparently I did way too much and ended up on  the couch with SEVERE cramps! All is ok though, and lesson learned!
Belly Button in or out? In.
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or moody most of the time? Happy! :)
Looking forward to: Getting the rest of our nursery furniture this week! We set up the crib and dresser, and I'll be getting a glider and book shelf this weekend to finish it off. :)

Now let me just tell you how stubborn my child is. Last Thursday, the day after my birthday, I had an appointment to try to see what we're having... Kind of a "sneak peek". You may remember last time I had one, Baby P was snuggled up all comfy in the corner with it's feet crossed? Well guess what... Same thing!!! Moving all over the place, growing wonderfully, but totally unwilling to give up it's secret just yet! My doctor was so frustrated that we couldn't see that he told me to come back in a few hours to try again... and STILL nothing! I cried all the way to work because I was so disappointed. Don't get me wrong... Happy healthy baby makes me happy! But I just really had my hopes up. :( I also had something really cute planned to surprise my family with a gender reveal that night at dinner. Ahh!! So we have our "big" ultrasound on April 11th... Please keep your fingers crossed! This mama is going NUTS!

One more thing, just for fun: Here's my 10 week picture and my 18 week picture, side by side. :) WOAH!


  1. You are seriously the cutest little pregnant lady! <33

  2. Hopefully you can find out soon!!! Glad everything else is going great though!

  3. AWW!!! You look so beautiful and happy! :D A HUGE congratulations!! I hope that the next ultrasound reveals the secret!! :D


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