Thursday, April 3, 2014

This eggo is PREGGO! (10 weeks)

Hooray! More belly pictures!

I decided to start up my pregnancy log again on here... I enjoy going back and reading Zoey's old posts, and a few people have expressed that they enjoyed reading them as well! So, here you go! <3

How Far Along: 10 weeks
Gender: Unknown
Weight Gain: -3 lbs!
Maternity Clothes: Oh yes! I totally missed how super comfortable maternity pants are, so I'm all about it! I can't button my old jeans anyway... I'm showing a little faster this time around!
Stretch marks: Just the old ones around my hips and inner thighs. 
Belly Button, in or out: In.
Sleep: On and off... Zoey has just started sleeping in her own bed, so when she sleeps like crap, so do I. I have a hard time getting back to sleep when I wake up as well... I'm sure that won't be changing any time soon!
Best moment this week: Finding out that I hit double digit weeks AND lost 3 lbs! Maintaining is good, but losing is better... I gained 20 lbs while I was breastfeeding Zoey, so I want to keep my weight gain to an absolute minimum this time.
Miss anything?: Wine!
Movement: None yet... I can't wait to feel those first flutters!
Cravings: Nothing really yet. 
Queasy or sick: Nothing! I've been so lucky this far... I was a little queasy in the first few weeks after I found out, but after 6 weeks or so it tapered off, and I've been feeling great ever since! No food aversions either!
Looking forward to: Starting to feel the little bean, and finding the heartbeat with our doppler! I haven't had any luck yet, but I didn't find Zoey's until around 11.5 weeks.

Wondering about the "not twins!" at the bottom? That's a little joke for everyone that has felt the need to ask! Haha! Believe it or not, thanks to a little thing called "muscle memory", many women DO show faster with their second! I've had this comment made multiple times already. So, no... I'm not having twins. Yes, I'm sure. And yes, my doctor DID double check! (But seriously? Don't ask a pregnant woman if she's having twins. Ever. Unless you want to be asked awkward questions about the size of your abdomen, whether there is a baby growing in there or not! ;)  )

By the way, check out my cute little chalkboard! I wanted something a little more fun this time around. Want to learn to make one yourself? Stay tuned, I'll do a tutorial!


  1. Congrats again on your 2nd blessing! Even though it's been 26 years since I was expecting my last 'baby', I still remember people asking me if I was expecting triplets by the time I hit my 7th month. I was like, umm, no, this is what 2 months of bed rest and no exercise does to you while you are expecting, want to try it? I'll trade ya! That usually shut them up fairly quick if they had other questions. lol I'm looking forward to more progress postings as you go along and hope you have a dream pregnancy and delivery!


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