Thursday, June 5, 2014

It's a.....

Yesterday, we went to the doctor for our anatomy scan. We took 2 outfits with us, along with a gift bag... We asked the US tech to wrap the right outfit up in the gift bag, so we could go home and open it while my mom took pictures! Talk about going crazy... It takes some serious self control to not rip into that bag as soon as it is in your hands! But, I resisted. We went to my Mom's house to pick up Zoey, and we all sat down to open our gift....

I posted this on Facebook at the doctor's office... Just to drive everyone nuts!



I am still shocked! I was totally expecting another girl... I was convinced! That being said though, I am totally thrilled... It's going to be fun to explore a whole other side of parenting! New cloth diapers, all new clothes, trucks, dirt, bugs... And the best cuddles that I'll ever get! (Besides Zoey's! He has some work to do.... She gives pretty awesome cuddles!)

So, everyone say hi to Gavin Alexander!

We are so excited, and I just know Zoey is going to love having a little brother!

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  1. Congratulations on finding out a bit more about him! :)


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