Monday, September 8, 2014

32 Weeks!

Photo courtesy of Angela Melton Photography

How Far Along: 32 weeks
Gender: It's a BOY!
Weight Gain: 11 lbs
Maternity Clothes: Yup! Dresses and maxi skirts are still my favorite! 
Sleep: Good, but I've been getting pretty hot at night so that's been waking me up. 
Best moment this week: My maternity picture session with my wonderful Mommy! The pictures turned out so beautiful! We also finished up Gavin's nursery, which turned out even better than I could have hoped! I'll post pictures in a separate post.
Miss anything? I really can't wait to move like a normal person again!
Movement: He's a belly ninja!
Cravings: Not really.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope.
Symptoms: Heartburn is still pretty bad, but the Zantac helps a lot.
Labor signs: I was in the hospital last week. On Sunday night (The day before Labor Day, hah!) I started having contractions, and we headed to the hospital because they were about 5 minutes apart. They're not sure what caused it... I wasn't dehydrated or anything! They gave me a few bags of fluids and everything stopped. It was weird!
Belly Button in or out? Out!
Wedding rings on or off? Off, though I did manage to squeeze them back on for my maternity pics!
Happy or moody most of the time? I get frustrated pretty quickly. Typical 3rd trimester, I guess. I'm getting my feelings hurt recently a little easier than I'd like. Oh well!
Looking forward to: Finishing up Gavin's cloth diapers, and my baby shower in a few weeks! :)

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