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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

On Wednesdays, we wear Pink! (Orly Razzle)

Happy Pink Wednesday! Are you wearing pink today? If not, you can't sit with us. >:C

Behold, Orly Razzle!

Enlarge this one.... it shows off the fleckies!

Did this manicure need 10 pictures? Yes, yes I think it did. Orly Razzle is the most gorgeous, heavily pigmented berry pink, with glass fleck shimmer! This is 2 coats, although I think it -almost- could have gotten away with one! I got Razzle on sale at Sally's for $2. :) I stamped with China Glaze Admire and Bundle Monster BM03. I added green stones in the center of the flowers for accents.

What kind of pink are you sporting today?
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